Dog Training Advice- 9 Basic Principles To Training Your Dog

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2011

Article by Allan Codling

Calling All Dog Lovers! Allan Codling here. You’re probably looking for dog training advice because you have a dog and you want to get them trained but don’t quite know how to go about doing so. I felt that way when I first got a dog. So I wanted to show you 9 important fundamental steps to get on the right track to training your dog successfully.

Keep A Happy Excited Attitude – You should always base your dog training on positive reinforcement. During the training sessions you want him/her to enjoy the training and be excited about it so you want maintain a happy enthusiastic attitude at all times. Never display frustration. Praise or give treats when he or she displays good behaviors or obeys a command

Firm Voice – When you give commands, use a firm deep voice. Use a happy soft voice when he completes tasks or displays behavior.

When To Start Training? – You may get dog training advice that tells you wait until it matures before you start training. Some people say the best time for dog training is at 6-8 weeks, maybe even earlier depending on the puppy. It is highly recommended that you train your dog right away once you learn the proper way of course. And even if a dog is older, you should still train the dog. Never to late for dog training I always.

Don’t Punish Your Dog- This may become very difficult to do especially if you are a new owner. But negative reinforcement is not as effective as positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement dog training advice is just counterproductive. When you scream, yell, hit or punish your dog you make him/her fearful and on edge. Your dog will never know what to expect from you meaning whether you will be nice or mean. When he/she feels this way it interferes with his or her ability to listen, respond, and absorb your training.

Patience & Understanding- Teaching your dog is fun and exciting to do however there will be times where you will get discouraged and fed up when he or she struggles to learn what you are trying to train your dog to do. It is very important to be very patient with your dog especially if it is a puppy. Remember they are trying, they just need time and practice. When you feel tired or mentally frustrated just stop the session for a little bit so you can cool off. Also keep in mind that some dogs learn quickly while other breeds take a little longer. Dog’s are sensitive and they can tell when you are getting worked up.

Extra Dog Training Advice- Training Sessions

Short But Powerful Sessions- You should never exhaust yourself and your dog with several hours of training a day. Fifteen to thirty minutes each day is more than enough to be effective. Train your dog with one command per session. Do not overwhelm them with everything in the training book. It is very easy to get excited by all this dog training advice we get and then throw everything you learned at your dog at once. Do not do this. Structure your sessions and keep them short, focused and organized.

You need to start with easy to learn commands. As your dog learns these simple commands, progressively work your way to more involved commands. This baby step approach works well for you dog. It will get your dog accustomed to training sessions and your dog will develop a good learning pattern.

Remove Distractions- Dogs can get easily excited by a lot of things and you may find yourself losing your dog’s focus through out your training sessions. So it is very important to take away anything that seems to distract your dog. Find a special place where you can work with your dog alone.

It is better for you to be the one training your dog – Many people get dogs and then just enroll them in training classes or higher a professional trainer. This is not good for three reasons. The first is you will not develop the bond with your dog and he or she will not see you as the leader, and the second is he will not be trained to know how “you” want things to be done in your household. And thirdly, it’s cheaper. Classes and trainers are getting more expensive by the minute since they charge an arm and a leg even for just dog training advice sometimes.

Follow Effective Dog Training Advice- If you are looking to learn how to train your dog you may be getting all sorts of advice from everywhere telling you to do this do that. There are a lot of good sources of dog training material out there.

There is plenty of great sources of dog training material on the internet. I found a lot of great dog training, dog behavior and dog health books and videos online and all my dogs are well trained, well behaved and very healthy because of them. So get yourself some great dog training advice and you will get your dog to be obedient, housebroken and well behaved!

I hope you enjoyed this dog training advice! Now let’s get that doggy trained!

Allan Codling here. So if you just got a puppy or dog andyou’re wondering how to train and properly care for yourdog, we can teach you how. If you want more dog training advice and additional information on dog behavior and doghealth visit

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