Dr. Mehmet Oz, #1 Best-Selling Author, Contributes to Stephanie Lerner’s “Kids Who Think Outside The Box” Book as One of the Featured “Living Legends”

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2011

(PRWEB) May 10, 2005

Mehmet Oz, Co-author of the best-selling, hard- to-get book, “YOU: The Owner’s Manual : An Insider’s Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger”….poignantly writes about about his life’s philosophy in Stephanie Lerner’s “Kids Who Think Outside The Box” book.

Dr. Mehmet Oz along with 30 of the world’s “living legends” including Paul McCartney, Mayor Bloomberg, Spike Lee, Internet Founder, Vint Cerf, Athletes, Nobel Prize Recipients, Academy-Award Winners, and other eminent achievers talk about the importance of “thinking different” and their road to achievement.

Whether it’s a matter of their prodigious talent, awesome intellect, highly developed social conscience, or dynamic personality, some kids just seem born to be extraordinary. How can parents nurture a child’s uniqueness without sacrificing the natural development and magic of a “normal” childhood? Along with Dr. Oz and the other formidable contributors, Stephanie Lerner presents an inspiring book which captures the importance of embracing a child’s unique self.

The mother of three children, including a 12-year-old astronomer and rocket designer, Stephanie Lerner faced that question and challenge on a daily basis. For help, she turned to the leading experts on the subject: exceptional achievers in the arts, the sciences, business, politics, education, and sports who got their start as exceptional kids. In “Kids Who Think Outside The Box: Helping Your Unique Child Thrive in a Cookie-Cutter World” ( AMACOM; April 12, 2005; $ 15.00 Paperback ), Lerner shares the stories of 31 living legends and eminent achievers, who share their insights and advice for raising extraordinary kids.

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