How To Fight The Winter Blues With Sledding

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2011

Do you remember getting the winter blues as a child? I can almost guarantee that you cannot. The reason you did not get the winter blues as a child was because you loved the winter as much as spring and summer. What happened? You got older and found yourself a lot more in demand, you now have a job and you may be a parent or spouse. Now, what you have to do is to learn to use all of these demands as an avantage.

When you find yourself home and free from work for the day, bundle up and go buy a cheap sled. You don’t need to spend $ 100 in fact you can buy a nice plastic sled for under $ 20. The basic round saucer type sleds can be bought for under $ 20. If you want to spend the money you can buy a wooden sled, even one that you can steer by using your feet on the front controls, but these sleds usually cost $ 75 and upwards, and they often require a more steeper grade and packed snow conditions that the cheap saucer type sleds do not need.

Once you purchase your sled, take it outside and have some fun, them joys you had a child are still there, it’s up to you to bring them back. You do not need to have anyone else around to go sledding, just any incline such as a front or back yard, or hilly field. In some cities and towns they even shut down streets when there are major snows, use this time to your advantage to go sledding when there are no dangerous traffic conditions. Gather some friends or neighbors if you want to, to join you for even more fun.

What if the children are home? Bundle them up and take them out for some winter fun. There’s nothing happier or mood changing then seeing red faced, cheering children. Put the child or children on the sled and pull them around the yard. Pulling someone on a sled makes sledding possible if you don’t have a hill or lawn that is slanted and you can have a blast with the children just pulling them around, and you can shed some pounds while you fight the winter blues.

There is a website that describes numerous activities and other methods to help eliminate the Winter Blues, this website is called: Winter Activities – and it may be found at this url:

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Luzerna Solon, has worked in the field of depression and other aspects involving the Winter Blues for a number of years. She has counseled thousands over the years, and has helped them remove the winter blues from their life with simple activities.

Winter Activities

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