Sledding With Your Kids – Be Green And Use Reflective Insulation For More Speed

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 27, 2011

Sledding is next to one of my little ones favorite pastimes. They reside for the opportunity to go farther or swifter than one of their siblings. At the time of the years, weve got a quantity of seriously nice sleds and boards all claiming to be the best ride. At times these items of hard drives have been costly. Various instances, theyve just led to disappointment when the statements didnt hold true, or the quality was so poor the thing fell aside right after a bride and groom good-sized hills.

Becoming a thrifty and practical kind of person, Ive observed approaches to duct tape most of them back again together. Ive applied hefty coats of wax to generate the bottoms much more slick. I also journeyed so far as to use a mild item of panel and most screws to hold a couple of pieces which wanted to split together, simply to eek a minor more lifestyle out of the sled.

Inspiration arrived one day once I discovered about my youngest using the wax daily news from his sandwich to grease his way straight down the slide at the playground. My mind quickly turned to the reflective insulation Id utilized to generate our house more effective by decreasing the damage and achieve of radiant warmth via the attic. Turns out I still had most scraps of the reflective insulation in the garage, so I began chopping strips off for every single of the children to use.

A few months later, we got another excellent snowfall. They were time to check our principle that reflective insulation was so smooth and slick which it would generate the finest sled around. With a good sprint and a leap, my little ones resolved to go sailing down the hill on their reflective insulation sled. Fun occasions! And a good way to make great use from leftover material.

Ted Frasco is a environmental blogger who typically blogs about insulation products including Reflective Insulation.

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