Last minute cruise – Enjoy More Fun in the Snow on Winter

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 2, 2011

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Last minute Snow Shoeing : Snow shoeing is one of the oldest forms of transportation in the snow. They are originally invented over 6,000 years ago. But today it is a popular sport which can be enjoyed by many mountain lovers that want to get away from ski resorts and the slopes. Snowshoes are very cheap while renting and it is one of the most affordable winter sport kits to buy. Deep snow can be easily tackled and anybody can try snow shoeing, even children and seniors.

Ski Touring

Another old form of transportation which has turned now into a competitive sport. Ski Touring is done by going up in the mountain on a pair of ski’s. The ski’s have a special strip called as “skin”. The skin’s are placed under the ski for going up on the hill and stops you sliding backwards. They are then removed again when you want to come down. This form of skiing lets you explore into the wilderness and gives you freedom to the routes you choose.

Split Boarding

When you prefer a snowboard to 2 planks of wood, split boarding will be the best option. A way for snowboarders are there to enjoy the same technique as ski touring only the board splits into two for going up hill and then clicks back together enabling you to snowboard back down. Split boarding has been around for almost 20 years.

Kite Skiing

When you like to be taken by the wind and need a speed then you must try Kite Skiing. Kite skiing is a recent development of skiing where the pull comes from a kite. Normally on open ground it can be done on snow, land or ice. This technique was also successfully used on the return leg of Amundsen’s South Pole expedition back in 1911.

Dog Sledding

Many people have a dream about going on a dog sled ride through forest for enjoying spectacular scenery. It consists of a pack of dogs named Huskies, which are highly trained to pull a sled, and wheel-less vehicles on runners, over snow or ice, by harnesses and lines. The most famous race is the Iditarod trail sled dog race. There are numerous mountain resorts and snowy places where you can try out all these wonderful sports including the Alps in Europe, Nordic countries and North American mountain ranges.

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