Dog Sledding at Sunset

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 11, 2011

A few nice dog sledding images I found:

Dog Sledding at Sunset
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Image by Douglas Brown
Probably my favorite spot in the Anchorage bowl area is Far North Bicentennial Park. In this gigantic park are a web of dog sledding trails.

You’re not supposed to be on these trails unless you’re dog sledding because the sleds are going remarkably fast and you can imagine the chaos if there were multiple-users on the trails in the Winter at the same time!!

I took this shot as the sled team was going amazingly fast into the sunset. It was a very cold and beautiful day.

Start of Laconia dog sled race.
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Image by The Forest History Society
Caption: Start of dog sled race (Off-Forest) at Laconia. Shown is Philia Daigle from Canada — 1937 winner of the Laconia World Championship Race. Corner of Hannover Street and Main Street, Laconia, New Hampshire.

Date: 1938

Photographer: Muir, B. W.

Local Call Number: R9_359926

Photo is from the Forest History Society Photograph Collection.

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To see information on obtaining high-resolution images, click here.

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