Jackson Residents Travel to First Russian Stage Stop Sled Dog Race

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 7, 2011

Teasley, Teasley and Havener share expertise with race to aid orphanage

Jackson, Wyoming—February 20, 2009—Frank Teasley, owner of Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours and Director of the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (IPSSSDR), his wife, musher Stacey Teasley, and Jackson photographer Chris Havener are in Russia to participate in the first stage stop sled dog race there, North Hope 2009. The Teasleys and Havener will join IPSSSDR Chief Veterinarian Caroline Griffitts and IPSSSDR mushers Terry Adkins and Jean Wise, who also are assisting with the race, and Russian musher participants.

The purpose of the race is to raise awareness of North Hope, an orphanage and kennel created by a monk and nun for the emotional and psychological rehabilitation of children. Sled dogs are traditionally used in Russia, and dogs are commonly used as therapy animals as well. The orphanage currently houses 20-24 boys, while the kennel holds 20-25 Siberian huskies and four Alaskan malamutes.

The IPSSSDR group returned to Jackson from this year’s race finish in Park City, Utah, on February 11, only to pack their bags and leave for Russia a week later. “I believe this is a good cause,” Frank Teasley says. “They need our help so we are going to race, consult and support them.”

The goals for the North Hope 2009 race are as follows (from the rules – a translation from the Russian): popularization and development of sled dog sports in Russia; strengthening world relations in sled dog sport; development of the sport canine organizations’ cooperation on the territory of Russian Federation; bringing up a new generation of mushers and merely young people whose life principles are based on love, care, and fairness.
The U.S. group will teach the orphanage about dog care at a seminar covering such issues as nutrition, foot care, common injuries and examination.

They will help facilitate the race—bringing Frank Teasley’s experience from the IPSSSDR to the race in addition to the Teasleys’ mushing skills. The Teasleys and Havener will return to the U.S. March 5. For additional information, visit http://nordhope.info (the top half of the site is in Russian but an English translation is provided midway).

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