Mushing History Conference 6 Weeks To Go!

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 7, 2011

Six weeks to November 6-8. This is the time to start looking at airline ticket prices if you plan to fly in to Anchorage. (However, often I have found the best fares 2-4 weeks out.)

For those who are going to make presentations we ask you to send a summary of your topic and short bio for publicity purposes.

For those who had hoped to come but cannot make it in person we invite you to participate in other ways to keep your iron in the fire and help the program grow for future events:

• Send a poster.

• Send an animated poster, that is a Powerpoint or similar slide show, shorter or the same as your original proposal that can be shown without your narration or presence. In the simplest form a file of digital pictures with accompanying text document keyed to each picture could be presented for you..

• Send your program to be introduced or presented by someone else.

• Send literature, handouts or other material for free distribution.

• If you have products to be sold, books, DVDs, CDs or other sled dog related items we can also arrange for that, free or for a reasonable fee depending on the volume.

With the object of reaching the largest possible audience without incurring major costs to the audience for entry or for the use of a facility, we have a choice between venues in Anchorage or Wasilla. We will let you know how the it works out. Everything is on schedule for the first time, first-ever “mushing history conference bringing together diverse interests with the common sled dogs/mushing theme, including both history professionals and sled dog/mushing professionals.”

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