Brunton L5 5-Watt LED Headlamp

by Sleddoggin Staff on July 15, 2011

Introducing, hands-down, the brightest LED headlamp available, the L5. A brilliant white beam shines out to 203-feet, giving you a long-distance spotlight with a close-up flood light capability. After testing this headlamp against a range of other headlamp brands, it was found that this headlamp truly is the brightest LED headlamp available. Powered by an external 4.5V battery, the L5 pours out the light. And unlike most headlamps that simply die when the batteries are spent, our L5 steps-down to a shorter distance output (15%) for assuring you will never be left in the dark. The external battery pack has a cord long enough to go through a parka and also has the ability to be put into a pocket, used with a belt, or used in conjunction with the included elastic belt band. A battery pack charger is also included with this package; enabling quick recharges of the removable battery pack.

The headband included is large enough to fit around a standard snowboarding helmet, but can adjust enough to fit even the smallest of heads. Usability matched with stylish looks makes this headlamp a winner. There is simply no better headlamp out there!

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