Pawtrekker’s “Freetrail” Scooter Review

by Sleddoggin Staff on July 15, 2011

The sport of mushing is growing rapidly. In every area of the world people are discovering the benefits of running dogs – and enjoying the wonders of mushing. One area in particular, which is finding its roots in warmer areas – is dryland mushing via scooters.

Mushing via a scooter is an excellent way to exercise your dog, and yourself. Not only can your dog pull the scooter, but you can easily help by peddling a foot – simulating the actual peddling on a dog sled.

Scooter Features

Recently I’ve had the opportunity of using the Freetrail dog scooter produced by Pawtrekker. Throughout the mushing season I was able to use the scooter, and see excellent results in my dogs.

The first thing you’ll notice when checking out a Pawtrekker Freetrail is the streamlined structure and beautiful design. These scooters LOOK fast! The Freetrail isn’t just looks alone though. It features powerful disk brakes for much needed stopping power, dual suspension for those bumpy trails, a handy kickstand, and wide handlebars for an easy way to control the scooter. The following are some of its incredible features.

- Rear 900lb shock (adjustable)
- Adjustable front suspension forks
- Mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear
- 6.5” ground clearance
- Quick release brushbow
- Quick release wheels
- Handlebar height & angle adjustable from 37″-41″
- Length 78″ with Brushbow (75″ without brushbow)
- Compact when wheels removed & rear suspension folded for transportation.

For snow conditions, Pawtrekker also offers studded snow tires which allows the scooter to be used on hard-packed snow, to extend the use to all-year-round.

Another important feature that this scooter offers is the brushbow that holds the line out and away from the front tire. When your dogs stop – the line won’t get tangled.
After using the Freetrail I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to handle. Even when two dogs were hooked up to the scooter, the Freetrail easily glided and tracked directly behind the dogs. The dual suspension made the Freetrail very comfortable, and easy on the knees and body. The disk brakes also provided ample stopping power, even when two dogs were pulling.

The Freetrail is a wonderful tool for not only conditioning sled dogs, but for training sled dogs. I found the Freetrail to be extremely helpful when correcting a dog. If the dog would sway left or right, I could easily use the Freetrail to guide the dog back into place – and teach the “line out” or “on bye” commands.


Overall – the Freetrail scooter is the perfect solution for training and conditioning sled dogs. By working with a smaller team and the scooter – it’s an excellent way to get to know your dogs better, and customize their training for their needs. Whether you’re a seasoned musher, or a city dwelling beginner – this Pawtrekker scooter, The Freetrail, will definitely serve you well.

Pawtrekker also has further scooter models to choose from. The V-brake – designed with lower ground clearance for urban use and the Front & Rear Disk Brake – for serious rough trail use Freetrail – for the ultimate ride on rough trails.

The Freetrail can be purchased from the Pawtrekker website via

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