Winning the Iditarod

by Sleddoggin Staff on July 15, 2011

Winning the Iditarod
By GB Jones

Winning a race is not necessarily bestowed only to those who arrive first. In his book, Winning the Iditarod, GB reflects on his long journey to the burled arch in Nome, arriving days after the front runners. After reading this book, I was inspired to try to reach my goals, and work towards them each and every day. No matter what faces us in life, we can always rely on ourselves to get us out of a tight spot. When we look inside of ourselves, we can find our true heroes. Us. I would recommend you read this book to learn not only more about the Iditarod, but to read about a unique character in the dog sledding sport. You can order the book from GB Jones’ web site. Each book is $20, which includes the postage as well. This is an excellent read!

152 Pages, Soft Cover, 2005. Click Here To Purchase.

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