New Novel Features Adventure in the Wilds of Alaska; Book by Jack Singer

by Sleddoggin Staff on July 27, 2011

gI 81904 justice New Novel Features Adventure in the Wilds of Alaska; Book by Jack Singer
Sharon Springs, NY (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

A narrowly averted deadly fight over cheating during a poker game brings together two unforgettable characters: Howard Edgemont, a smart lawyer from the East born to privilege, and Jake Bartholomule, a former Civil War hero with enviable survival skills. In this new novel, the two pair up when a widow hires them to look for her son, Dan, who struck it rich in the Alaskan gold fields. She lost contact with him a year after he claimed a gold mine and fears the worst.

Justice at Forty Below follows the two men as they brave the dangerous Chilkoot trail on the way to Alaskas gold fields, braving deadly cold, near-starvation and bloodthirsty men with their own motives. Drawing on all their skills, they take on a gang of men ruling a mining town, persevering in their quest to find the truth of what happened to the lost miner. During their wilderness adventure, the unexpected happens: Howard falls in love. Soon this lawyer-turned-gunslinger and his courageous friend get the answers they are looking for and must battle for their very lives.

Author Jack Singer has had adventures of his own: fighting forest fires in the Pacific Northwest and teaching with his wife at a remote Eskimo village of 250 people on the Yukon River in Alaska. Singer has a forestry degree from Rutgers University and a teaching degree from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He learned survival skills from Yupik Eskimo elders. Those skills, as well as life-threatening experiences in the Alaskan wilderness, inspired this unforgettable novel.


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Justice at Forty Below

Jack Singer

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-0754-0

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