Lightload Towels Take a Historic Ride

by Sleddoggin Staff on August 3, 2011

(PRWEB) October 25, 2004

Lightload Towels, donated by Dyna-E International, are taking a historic ride with eight bikers participating in the First East Coast Greenway Maine to Florida Tour. The tour is taking place between September 12th and November 3rd on the nation’s first long-distance urban trail. Spanning 15 states, the 2,600-mile route joins 25 US Cities from the Canadian border of Maine to Key West, Florida.

The Lightload Towels and other biking related tools are accommodating the biker’s needs along the dynamic route. The route consists of continuous trails that form an off-road route easily accessible to the public. Designated in the year 2000 as one of the 16 National Millennium Trails, the East Coast Greenway has joined the Appalachian Trail and the Iditarod as one of the largest trail projects in the nation.

Lightload towels, weighing in at only half an ounce, are easy for the determined bikers to pack and carry. The towels provide the touring cyclists a convenient alternative to bulkier traditional towels. Eric Weiss, National Trails Coordinator for the East Coast Greenway, said, “The Lightload towels are the perfect item for our bikers. They need to travel light and the towels help them to avoid unnecessary weight—allowing them to keep their focus on the trip.” Lightload towels can be put to a variety of uses. Bikers can use them as towels, sweatbands, bandanas, and for first aid.

This tour will promote greater trail awareness of the Greenway project. In addition, funding to complete the Greenway will result from the pledges raised by the participating cyclists. All of the cyclists riding from Maine to Florida are age 50 or older, making the ride important to advocates of active living for senior citizens.

Lightload Towels are the new towel for biking enthusiasts. The towels were featured as a notable new product in a recent issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. The versatile towels have also been featured in Bike Magazine and other sports related publications.


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