Gallopade International receives award from Learning Magazine

by Sleddoggin Staff on August 27, 2011

(PRWEB) February 6, 2004

Gallopade International in Peachtree City was the proud recipient of the Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family for 2004 for their Carole Marsh Mysteries. The series of 12 books has engaged thousands of young readers across the country and four more are due to be released this spring.

The 12 Carole Marsh Mysteries, (two new editions and 10 all-new titles), are making their way into the hands of young readers across the country. Kids love to read these mysteries, which take place in famous locations including the Alamo, the White House, New York City, and Disney World. Famous events also host the wild adventures which take place in the Carole Marsh Mysteries including the Boston Marathon, Alaska’s Iditarod Trail Race, and the first flight of the Wright Brothers. Whether the kids are disappearing behind secret walls in North Carolina’s Biltmore House or searching for the missing bells along the California Mission Trail, the kids must focus on the problem and work together to solve the mystery. And the polite attitudes the characters display all along the way—including “yes ma’am” and “no sir” responses—are sure to rub off on the kids who read the series.

“I have had hundreds of calls from parents, teachers, and kids begging for the next mystery,” confesses Marsh, who is currently busy writing the next four books and getting them ready for a spring release.

The Carole Marsh Mysteries include the following titles: “The Mystery of Biltmore House”, “The Mystery at the Boston Marathon”, “The Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate”, “The Mystery of the Alamo Ghost”, “The Mystery on the California Mission Trail”, “The Mystery of the Chicago Dinosaurs”, “The White House Christmas Mystery”, “The Mystery on Alaska’s Iditarod Trail”, “The Mystery at Kill Devil Hills”, “The Mystery in New York City”, “The Mystery at Disney World”, and “The Mystery on the Underground Railroad”.

Among the tremendous feedback Gallopade received from those who reviewed the books for the 2004 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family program were comments citing the educational value and entertainment level. The teachers making comments had to remain anonymous, but this is just a sampling of the rave reviews The Carole Marsh Mysteries™ received,

“The writing and plot were top notch. I want to read more.”

“The books had highly accurate historic and geographic material.”

“The reading was delightful, truly from a child’s perspective. They are what children like: mysteries and adventures with children they can relate to.”

“This series is real meaty reading for students.”

“This series is great. It can be used for reluctant readers and as a history supplement.”

“I really enjoyed reading the books as an adult, wishing I could go on adventures like these. I would highly recommend these books.”

The magic formula of the Carole Marsh Mysteries—which has kept them in print for over 20 years—is featuring real kids in real places. Kids who read these books learn about real history, as they help the characters solve the mysteries. “Our kids were able to predict, question, and relate to the text as they read these books,” said Jane Manson, an after-school program coordinator and teacher.

“Kids don’t want to just read the Carole Marsh Mysteries,” says Michele Yother, president of publisher Gallopade International. “They want to visit the places in the books, write their own mystery, and become characters in the next Carole Marsh Mystery. This is why we created the Carole Marsh Mystery Fan Club.” In the back of each of mystery, kids will find a character application, which includes writing a paragraph explaining why they would make a good character. Members of the Fan Club receive their own membership card and monthly e-newsletters with updates on the series. Other benefits include a Fan Club poster with reading tracker, a virtual birthday card from Carole Marsh, and the chance to buy Fan Club items like watches, journals, magnets, and more.

With the action-packed photography, quirky artwork, and cliffhanger chapters, the Carole Marsh Mysteries are must-reads for kids. For more information, contact Gallopade International, (800) 536-2438.


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