Kiana’s Iditarod

by Sleddoggin Staff on January 16, 2012

Kiana’s Iditarod

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Kiana is no ordinary dog. Born and bred to race, she leads her team of huskies on a journey unlike any other. The Iditarod – known traditionally as Alaska’s ‘Last Great Race’ – spans 1,049 icy miles from Anchorage to Nome. From the treacherous terrain to the bitter, blowing winds, the trail is full of obstacles Kiana and her team must overcome in order to reach the finish line. Along the way, they encounter packs of wild wolves, a mighty moose, and other dog-sled teams fighting for first place.

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List Price: $ 10.99


Race Across Alaska: First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story

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Libby Riddles wanted an adventure. At the age of 16 she left home for the snowy frontiers of Alaska, the Last Frontier. There her love of animals drew her to the sport of sled dog racing. When she entered the Iditarod, the famous marathon from Anchorage to Nome, she was just another Iditarod Nobody. Twelve hundred miles later, having conquered blizzards, extreme cold, and exhaustion, she and her dogs crossed the final stretch of sea ice, miles ahead of the nearest competitor…and suddenly she r

buynow big Kianas Iditarod

List Price: $ 21.95


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