What You Need to Know in Sled Dog Training

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 13, 2012

Article by Jack

Sled dog training ought to begin earlier in a dog’s existence. The puppy dog ought to be acquainted with just what it means to pull some thing since it is 8 weeks old. Instructors suggest the introduction of the harness once the young puppies are about ten weeks. You need to put the harness on twice a day, to get a brief period of time, yet frequently. In parallel, dog obedience training is really a must. It is important for that puppy dog to grow comfortable with the harness, because that’s the first step before you educate it the ‘line out’ order.

At four months of age, sled dog training ought to transfer to the subsequent levels, with a few lightweight object becoming introduced within the program. Make sure your dog pulls some thing that does not bounce about. Don’t rush things during this part of training since you won’t achieve success in sled dog training if the puppy dog gets scared during pulling. The pulling exercise is necessary for so long as it takes in making the puppy dog comfortable with pulling inside a taut line.

Once you are passed the fundamental behavior training phase, and you have confidence in your dog, the fundamental commands have to be introduced within the program for sled dog training. The major commands consist of:

- HIKE to maneuver ahead;- GEE to show correct;- HAW to show left;- Easy to gradual down;- WHOA to cease;- ON BY or Leave IT to tell the group to maintain heading ahead and cease investigating another animal.

If you’re working with a group, sled dog training is really a little bit more complex. The reason is simple: you need to possess a guide dog. Some pet dogs are born leaders while others have to be educated for it. If you observe that your puppy dog has a confident character, you could train it as a guide dog. Dogs ought to always be added gradually to the group. It’s popular to use the mother of the young puppies as a guide dog, yet this isn’t the only option. It is a issue of choice.

Sled dog training frequently requires more than easy dog obedience training, and also you ought to bear in mind of this prior to starting to work using the puppy dog. You may require professional help from a specialist musher who has expertise with this kind of dog training. Check out for options online and see which answer might be a better match for you. Books may also be of immense help both for newbies and professionals.

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