Wolves Attack Humans and Sled-dogs

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 20, 2012

default Wolves Attack Humans and Sled dogs

Island Ellesmere , blank (virgin) of human beings , the Wolf is on its territory , sound intrinsic” in the other regions or is hunted gives in a big distrust , but no here or dogs without the men and vice versa would have been torn in to pieces ! The WILD” , the hunger it is stronger than everything , imagine a sled fills (performs) with water in the desert , no mess tims of croquettes for wolf , no veterinian , hardly to eat you , 5 mn later the hunger forments you . They have followind unti eat escrement and other rests , big m├óle Alpha proceeded to a load (responsability) of face to make out a will (to test) the team was too important , otherwise ……..
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