New CD, ‘Dog Appreciation Lessons’ Offers Unique and Charming Insights about the Nature and Behavior of ‘Man’s Best Friend’

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2012

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Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA (PRWEB) December 24, 2009

Marion Venture Publishing proudly announces the publication of Fred M. Haneys CD, Dog Appreciation Lessons: Humor and Wisdom from People Who Love Dogs.

The extremely informative and entertaining CD gives dog lovers a deeper appreciation for the magic of dogs. It also helps them build a stronger bond with their pet.

The CD contains eighteen excerpts from guest interviews on the My Doggie Saysshow, a radio talk show hosted by Haney on KFNX 1100 News Talk Radio, in Phoenix, AZ. Host Haney says, “The CD is a terrific way for me to share the talk show with lots of people. It’s ‘the best of the best of.’ It compresses over seventy-five hours of interview time into about forty-five minutes of doggie wit and wisdom.”

Sample tracks:

Dean Koontz, author of A Big Little Life: “Don’t take my dog to jail”
Tom Sullivan, author of If You Could See What I Hear: “Believing in a guide dog”
Ted Kerasote, author of Merle’s Door: Ted meets Merle
Stanley Coren: “The intelligence of dogs”
David Frei, co-host of the Westminster Dog Show: “Angels on a Leash”
Belinda Abbot, DVM: “The Iditarod dogs”
Bob Worley, “Max the Motorcycle Riding Golden Retriever”
Jeff Pokonosky swims the Alcatraz race with Jake, his Labrador retriever rescue dog

Haney broadcasts the My Doggie Says radio talk show with Callie, his Golden Retriever, at his side usually after a brisk game of doggie soccer with Callie in his back yard. He says, “The My Doggie Says show lets me talk about human-dog relationships with the most knowledgeable dog experts in the country. Owning a dog is not just about training and obedience. It’s about ‘dog bonding.’”

Ted Kerasote, author of Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Free Thinking Dog, says, “Fred Haney really understands how dogs think and talk.”

“The entire theme of the My Doggie Says show is unique in its devotion to understanding dogs from their own (rather than an entirely human) point of view,” said guest Jenn Lewis, author of The Human Pack: A Guide to Human/Dog Relationships.

The Dog Appreciation Lessons CD is available in hard copy or downloadable digital form at


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