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by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2012

Alaskan Malamute, Alaskan Husky, Canadian Eskimo Dog, American Eskimo Dog, Eurohound, Chinook, Labrador Husky, Eurohound, Greenland Dog, Northern Inuit Dog, Mackenzie River Husky, Sakhalin Dog, Seppala Siberian Sleddod, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, and Tamaskan Dog– these are some of the few breeds for sled dogs. Gone are the days when skijng is concentrated only at Alaska and Scandinavia because these days, it is continuously spreading all over the whole of the world. Why shouldn’t it be when all traveling companies would feature skijoring as one of their main attractions? This leads to dog enthusiast to realize that their dogs should get the proper sled dog training, so they could take part in the activity. The training will also create a bond between dogs and the musher.

Comparable to athletes, dogs should also be subjected to rigorous preparation to get ready for the arduous race. Watching the race even on the small screen will allow someone to take pride by the endurance, insistence cooperation, and commitment of the whole team. This is something that highly differs from other sports like flyball for instance because it involves a high amount of will-power by a group that should work hand in hand.

Among the most interesting goal of this type of dog training is to foster the innate instincts in every dog as to make sledding a worthwhile experience rather than a burdensome task. Like human, a dog that enjoys what he is doing will be most likely to excel in such a field. Generally speaking, the training will start on the time when the dogs are still young. Although it is not universally accepted, sometimes the saying that ‘old dogs could not learn new trick’ is true, even if there are still exemption to this. After then, the musher will strap up the puppy by a bind which is connected to small objects just for the puppy to be acquainted with the feeling. Moreover, running with the puppy while at the same time doing the start and stop command will work as a good foundation for the dog since this equip them with the proper awareness of how it feels to compete as a team during the actual event. During this stage, the dog may not even realize that he is being trained since most of them will feel that they are merely up for fun which aids in fostering a genuine love for the sport. Subsequently, after doing the previous step, the puppy is already seasoned to learn about teamwork. During this phase, the training is typically kept quite short without exposing to intense workout to stir the emotion of excitement for them to be eager to carry out the process further.

Sled dog training companies are available everywhere, but it takes someone with bountiful commitment and love for the sport to emerge as a good trainer. A lot would boast that they have the best background on how to train these creatures but without genuine love for dogs, the training will be nothing but useless. Dogs are thin-skinned, they sense when they are loved, and they are merely used.

Andy Ayres is a dog training specialist and has written many dog related articles to assist dog owners develop a harmonious relationship with their pets.

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