Road Warriors Rev Up For A Historic Challenge of Endurance, Grit and Determination

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2012

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 1, 2009

America’s most fearless road warriors and veterans gear up to make an epic, once in a lifetime, journey across two continents from Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. The 1,000 riders will be put to the test, their strength, honor and courage on the line, in a 14-day challenge vying for $ 500,000 in Alaskan Gold.

Hoka Hey will redefine the meaning of challenge as chosen riders from around the world compete in a spirit-rousing course over 62 rugged mountain ranges, 33 Indian reservations, 25 national forests, 8 deserts, 6 national parks and 2 countries captivating audiences across America. Television production is already underway.

At the finish line, the men and women riders brave and strong enough to make the 7000-mile cross country trek will be welcomed with a climactic finale celebration featuring an elaborate 4th of July 2010 firework spectacular, a concert featuring major talent and an exciting parade and more which will make Homer, Alaska full of All-American pride.

Event founder and Hoka Hey participant, Jim “Big Jim” Red Cloud, personally selected Homer as the event’s final destination after a magical trip to the charming city 20 years ago. “I said if I’m going from one end of the country to another, I want to go to Homer. Homer has some of the finest people I’ve ever met in my life,” said Jim. This will be a huge boost for the local economy.

As riders forge towards Homer, they will endure dangerous roads, sleepless nights and intense sole searching as they take on the open road, all for very personal reasons. The event salutes the men and women of honor who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice by battling for our country. The challenge founders, veterans of the armed forces, are committed to making Hoka Hey the most unique motorcycle challenge of our time. This is their chance to be part of American historyone mile at a time.

“I need to do the Hoka Hey Challenge, to prove that even in the twilight years of my life, I can still ride with young braves,” says Michael, one of the challenge riders from West Virginia.

A portion of the proceeds raised in the Hoka Hey Challenge will be donated to Paralyzed Veterans of America, Warrior Weekend, Disabled American Veterans, American Gold Star Mothers, American Indian College Fund, The Red Cloud Humanitarian Fund and National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Many veterans live on fixed income. Individuals are encouraged to support a rider and can follow the riders every step of the way, from the time they start their engines in Florida to the moment the first challenger crosses arrives in Homer, Alaska.

ABOUT THE CHALLENGE: The riders will really have to press themselves to cross the finish line as the Challenge will test the strength, honor and determination of every man, woman and motorcycle involved. Along the journey, there will be eight checkpoints, allowing riders, if they so desire to rest and strategize with their support crews. Participants must arrive at the final checkpoint in Homer, Alaska within 14 days of launching from Key West in order to qualify for the $ 500,000 in Alaskan Gold. The route crosses the US, Canada and Alaska and is open to only air-cooled, V-Twin motorcycles. Hoka Hey is the first, and only, cross country motorcycle endurance ride to roar across America.


Jim “Big Jim” Red Cloud lives and breathes for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. The idea for this epic cross-country trek culminated from a personal, powerful dream. Jim is a Vietnam Veteran and a life-long Harley-Davidson Rider, who resides in South Dakota. Red Cloud will set out on the road battling with himself and the other 1,000 warriors from Key West only to say “Hoka Hey- it’s a good day to die” at the Homer, Alaska finish line.

Beth Durham, the resident event organizer, is the mastermind behind the challenge logistics. Beth is a veteran of Operation Desert Shield. She made history, as one of the first women to serve on board a US Navy Air Craft Carrier. Now, she’s working day and night to give warriors another chance to add a page to the history books.

For more information: contact Nadine Jolson, 310 614 3214


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