The Husky Plush Toy And Lessons From Sled Dogs

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2012

The husky plush toy is one of those soft dog toys which cater to those interested in getting breed specific with their stuffed animals. Some husky plush are so well made in fact, they look just like the real thing.

When (and if) we think of racing dogs, we think of the sled dogs that are the ultimate in canine athletics. In the world’s longest sled race the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race – held every March, the very best ultra-endurance dogs compete in a gruelling 1,100 mile trek that takes them from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. No one has ever been entirely sure how these animals were able to withstand temperatures that drop as low as -40 Fahrenheit, 60 mile per hour winds, and heavy blizzards, but one Dr. Michael Davis has been focusing on ‘the how’ for more than ten years.

What Dr. Davis found was the most amazing in these sled dogs, was their their ability to rapidly adapt to sustained strenuous exercise in 24-48 hours. It’s a fact that the metabolic changes of a conditioned dog are much the same as those of an athlete on the first day they compete in human endurance tests and/or races; their muscle energy reserves deplete, stress hormones increase, and cellular injury takes place (in their proteins and DNA, for example). Over a period of several, back to back days in which a human exercises at the same level of intensity, all the changes that went on in their body become reversed. Four days after sled dogs started ongoing strenuous exercise, however, their metabolic profile went right back to the way it started before they began racing. When a human athlete gets tired, they will stay tired until they have fully recovered, which can sometimes take an entire day.

Dr. Davis also found that the aerobic capacity in a trained sled dog as compared to that in an untrained one, was twice as high when measuring the ratio of volume of oxygen to body weight. In addition, when sled dogs were in racing mode, they were able to burn up to 12,000 kilo calories on a daily basis. In other words, a sled dog weighing in at 55 pounds could conceivably consume 24 McDonald’s Big Macs so as to fuel themselves for running; a running dog consumes a high fat diet which in turn is converted to energy in their liver and when they first begin exercising it acts as fuel. If a human being were able to absorb and process all the fat found in a McDonald’s burger, they would need to eat 72 Bic Macs to fuel the power to run over a day’s time.

Ultimately, Dr. Davis says sled dogs are one-of-a-kind athletes. What we learn from them will undoubtedly tell us a lot about human performance as well.

The husky plush toy won’t ever have a need to run unless of course it’s in some imaginary race dreamed up by its owner. While both the husky breed and the husky plush animal would undoubtedly love to be able to eat dozens of Big Macs, they will both have to settle for something less for the real thing, a diet of dog food chosen by their owner, and, for the plush toy, some type of imaginary food if they’re lucky.

Angeline Hope is a collector of big plush dog animals. You can view a selection of big plush dog animals including husky plush animals at MyBigPlush.

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