Why not an Adventure Trip For Your Next Vacation?

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 26, 2012

Are you tired of having to spend every facation visiting your family? Are you tired of being made to feel selfish because you want to do something else on your vacation besides sit on a couch and stare at your parents’ television? Trying to get over the guilt is hard! Don’t you want to have fun on your vacation? Why not have an adventure the next time you get some vacation days? Heck, you might even be able to fit in weekend adventure treks and still have time to spend with your parents looking through the old photos (again). The following are great adventure travels to try out.

Dog sledding is great fun! You probably thought that dog sledding could only be done by trained professionals. This is true when you think about the Iditarod. If, however, you just want to learn what it is like to go dog sledding and to have an adventure you should try the package deals at Alaskan Husky Adventures.

This group offers adventurers three or two day packages. Simply take up a few days worth of groceries and relax–during the day you’ll be taught the basics of sledding with dogs and go on guided tours offered by professional sledders. Are you a lover of seeing new sights? Do you love being able to tour places you’ve only read about in books? Why not take a sightseeing adventure travels tour of somewhere you’ve always wanted to see? Popular destinations include Greece, Rome, Ireland and Scotland, Africa, China and Tibet. Obviously there are sightseeing tours in nearly every country in the world, so just make a decision about where you want to go and book a touring trip! Find a guide to teach you about the chosen country’s culture and history.

Try out a Llama Trek! Anybody can do some horseback riding. If you want some fun adventure travels without having to leave the country, check out the Hurricane Creek Llama Treks in Oregon. During these treks, you camp outdoors and you are responsible for bringing your own equipment (and setting it up/taking it down) and packing and unpacking your llama bags. These are great trips because you can either ride your own llama in the Oregon wilderness or you can walk the trails and lead your llama behind you. When else in life are you going to have the chance to go for a llama ride?

Adventure travels are not required to be large-scale, posh and preposterous. Some of them provided daytime adventures, while bringing you back to a pleasant place to spend the night. The main goal of an adventure vacation is to have a blast and be active. Advantageously, there is something for almost every adventurer to participate in – even if there vacation time is limited, in which to accomplish it. When the time comes to layout your next vacation plans why not think about taking a walk on the adventurer’s side? You can go to a calming spa for another vacation.

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