How to Start Sled Training For Alaskan Huskies Puppies

by Sleddoggin Staff on February 27, 2012

The Alaskan huskies puppies are really not a breed of dog. Many vets consider the husky as a category of a broad range of species or types of dogs. While the literature on the husky is still quite contentious, many still agree that the husky, or more so, the Alaskan husky is an excellent sled dog. This is due to the very characteristics and the thick fur coat of the husky that allows it to survive for long periods of time in the cold. This can also be attributed to the high metabolic rate and extreme amounts of energy that young huskies have.

By nature, they love to run around, and many people have utilised this by sled training them in cold countries like Russia or Alaska. The dogs are also chosen as world class sled races held at demanding speed and racing events in Fairbanks, Alaska and other parts of the world. The type of dogs that take part in these competitions are normally these huskies, hounds, wolf bred dogs and even huskies that have been crossed with hounds. You would be quite amazed to know that a full team of Alaskan huskies can drive a sled over large distances with speeds that reach well over 20 miles an hour. That is an amazing level of endurance and stamina for dogs that often have to tow a combined weight of more than 300 kgs at a time.

This article will discuss how to start sled training for Alaskan huskies puppies, and before we get into the methods, you have to understand the temperament of the dogs. They are known for their stamina, strength and endurance, but they are pretty aggressive dogs that can have spells of indiscipline. Anyone who wants to train Alaskan huskies to run sleds have to do it at a pretty early age, usually one to two years after their birth.

Make sure that they are paired with dogs that they can get along with, as they are known to be quite territorial and protective of their masters. One of the reasons that huskies are great for the outdoors and activities like sled because they make for poor household dogs. They are extremely restless and do not like to be confined in small areas. But you have to intervene early, meaning that you have to place them in a routine of exercise that involves sled running. Once they expect it as a daily routine and part of their daily exercise, training them for speed and distance is only down to the method. Like any dogs they respond to treats and acts of kindness when they achieve something they should and you should always remember that a lot of patients is needed when training these dogs to run sleds.

Also, always ask the advice of people who have lots of experience in training Alaskan huskies as you might be able to pick up some tips and tricks on making them into world class sled runners. Good luck in training your Alaskan huskies puppies!

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