Is dog sledding or racing abusive to the animals?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 1, 2012

Question by HEY HEY: Is dog sledding or racing abusive to the animals?
Is dog racing or dog sledding an animal rites issue? I heard a little on bth sides of the argument, but I’m still unsure if its cruel to the dogs.
What are your thought , good or bad.
Knowitall & animal expert, arent pitbulls bred to fight? Isnt that there “job” ? I hate pit fighting, but one can make that argument.

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Answer by knowitallssuckiamone
Allowing dogs to carry out the jobs they were BRED to do can never be a bad thing.

And breeding dogs to excel in their working area produces strong, healthy dogs – unlike those who are bred for the show ring, where looks comes first, and everything else second.

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