which is a good book?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 1, 2012

Question by : which is a good book?
Finney, Jack — Time and again
Illustrator Si Morley steps out of his twentieth-century New York apartment one
night–right into the winter of 1882.
Grisham, John. — The firm
A Harvard law graduate finds that the tax firm he’s employed by is not what it
seems when the FBI approaches him to become an informant.
Grisham, John. — The partner
Patrick Lanigan, a young law partner who faked his death and fled the country
with millions of dollars stolen from his law firm, is found in Brazil after a four-year
chase, but investigators are about to learn that the hunt is really just beginning.
Grisham, John. — The street lawyer
Young lawyer Michael Brock’s investigation into the motives of a homeless
gunman who was killed by police leads him to the discovery of a dirty little secret
that changes the course of his life and career.
London, Jack, 1876-1916 — The call of the wild and selected stories
Collection of stories about life and survival in the Pacific Northwest of America
and Canada, examining the law of the club and the fang, man’s instinctive reversal
to primitive behavior when pitted against the brute force of nature.
Marsden, John, 1950 — Tomorrow, when the war began
Seven Australian teenagers return from a camping trip in the bush to discover that
their country has been invaded and they must hide to stay alive.
—– — Children of Israel, children of Palestine : our own true stories
A collection of autobiographical stories in which thirty-six men, women, boys, and
girls, including Israeli Jews and Palestinians, discuss what it is like to grow up in
the midst of war.
Compiled by the CCHS Library Staff – June 2004
Allende, Isabel — Paula
The autobiography of Isabel Allende written for her daughter, Paula, who has
slipped into a coma.
Ashe, Arthur — Days of grace : a memoir
Tennis champion, Arthur Ashe, tells of his life, career, and battles with heart
disease and AIDS.
Burch, Jennings Michael — They cage the animals at night
A personal account of the author’s experiences living in New York City
orphanages and foster homes from 1949 until his reunion with his friend and
guardian three years later.
Carter, Forrest — The education of Little Tree
An autobiographical account of Carter’s life with his Eastern Cherokee Hill
country grandparents.
Chambers, Veronica — Mama’s girl
Memoir of the author’s life growing up as an overachiever in an underpriviledged
family, chronicling the blessed relationship she forged with her mother after her
father deserted the family.
Cook, Ann Mariah — Running north : a Yukon adventure
Ann Cook discusses the experiences she had while she and her husband trained a
dog sled team to run the Yukon Quest in Alaska.
Corbett, Sara — Venus to the hoop : a gold-medal year in women’s basketball
Profiles the twelve female athletes and coach of the 1996 United States Women’s
National Basketball Team and discusses their personal journeys, and their journey
as a team, to win gold medals at the 1996 Olympics.
Denenberg, Barry — An American hero : the true story of Charles A. Lindbergh
Biography of Charles A. Lindbergh, following his life and career from his famous
transatlantic flight from New York to Paris, through his decline in popularity for
his anti-war sentiments, and to his re-emergence as an American hero in his later
Dominick, Andie — Needles
Andie Dominick discusses how her life changed after she was diagnosed with
Compiled by the CCHS Library Staff – June 2004
Gunther, John, 1901-1970 — Death be not proud : a memoir
A biography of the author’s son, who died at seventeen after a fourteen-month
illness caused by a brain tumor.
Krakauer, Jon — Into thin air : a personal account of the Mount Everest disaster
The author relates his experience of climbing Mount Everest during its deadliest
season and examines what it is about the mountain that makes people willingly
subject themselves to such risk, hardship, and expense.
Paulsen, Gary — Winterdance : the fine madness of running the Iditarod
The author’s account of his most ambitious quest, to know a world beyond his
knowing, to train for and run the Iditarod.
Salzman, Mark — Iron & silk
An American describes his experiences after his arrival in Hunan Province in 1982
to teach English, including his wushu training and life in post-Mao China.
Salzman, Mark — Lost in place : growing up absurd in suburbia
Memoir of author, Mark Salzman, who tried, with often humorous results, to rise
above the everyday normalcy of his childhood.
Coping with Adversity
Agee, James — A death in the family
The story of a family for the first few days after the accidental death of the
35-year-old husband and father.
Banks, Russell — Rule of the bone : a novel
The story of a troubled fourteen-year-old boy who, upon leaving an abusive
homelife, lives on the edge of society, struggling to f

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Answer by Melissa Warren
TIME AND AGAIN by Jack Finney.

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