Adam Kutner Talks About Dog Training Tips

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 2, 2012

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Article by Adam Kutner

Dog Bites are common and a serious problem for victims. If you’ve suffered a dog bite, you need a strong Las Vegas Dog Bite Lawyer on your side. The cost of dog bites is estimated to exceed one billion dollars per year. Unfortunately, the problem is steadily growing. The number of dog bite incidents has increased by a third in the last decade while the number of dogs has only increased by 2%. Adam KutnerSadly, about half the victims are children, with the most likely target being between the ages of 5 and 9. Dog bites are the second most common cause of childhood injury, surpassing playground accidents. The majority of dog bite injuries towards children involved the face and can result in disfigurement. According to the law, dog owners are responsible for their dog’s actions and homeowner’s insurance will pay for the damages. Dog bites account for about a third of home owners’ insurance claims. A “dog bite” is a term used in judicial decisions, statutes and local ordinances. In legal terms, “dog bite” refers to a bite wherein domesticated dogs grip a person and thereby cause a wound. Adam KutnerDog bite attorneys assist victims with personal injury claims for dog bite injuries. Every state has different laws regarding a dog owner’s liability for dog bites. Some states follow the common law. Whenever an animal injures a person, a claim must be filed as soon as possible. It is important to seek legal help in the case of dog bites. There are attorneys who specialize in handling dog bite claims. It is a complex process, and requires someone who is well versed in the complicated laws. In the case of a dog bite to a child, it is in the interest of the child that the parents hire an attorney, to protect the child’s rights. Also, to prevent harassment by insurance agents or defense attorneys, as an innocent statement, by the child can be turned into a possible defense, by an insurance company.Dog bites vary in severity. Accordingly damages caused and financial claims are altered. Dog bite claims include recovery of expenses toward medication, treatment, scarring, psychological damages and loss of income due to absence from workplace.This makes it necessary to seek an experienced dog bite attorney who will be able to determine if the victim is eligible for a lawsuit claim. Adam KutnerDog training tips:Dog owners have many methods of training their dogs to choose from today. A number of these methods use only positive reinforcement; others utilize positive and negative reinforcement while others use incentives like treats. The difference in dog training techniques mainly lies in the specific procedures and commands that the dog is being trained. The most appropriate training technique for a dog depends on the dog owner’s or the trainer’s preference and the desired end result.No matter the training method, these tips will substantially assist you understand and choose the best training technique for your dog.Start the training when the dog is still as young as possible. However, it is not practical to train a dog younger than 49 days.At the beginning, the training sessions should not last over 15 minutes. At advanced stages, dog training may go on for up to several hours but a beginner dog has a short attention and interest span. Even after the dog is accustomed to the training, obedience training should not last over twenty minutes. If you suspect that the dog is losing interest, end the session.You should and all dog training sessions on a positive note. It will not go well if you end the session with a bad note, like after you just disciplined the dog. If necessary, create a positive situation just before you end the training session.One should schedule the dog training sessions at a certain time of the day. After awhile, the dog will learn the timing and will even show excitement when it is almost time for the next training.Use light weight leashes or leads that are about six feet long for all training sessions. Using heavy leather leashes are heavy and very distractive.Consistency in the command you use to train the dog is very important. The dog gets accustomed with certain words that it takes as keywords. For instance, if you train the dog to understand “sit” to sit and “Dowd” to lie down, it would be very confusing to it to tell it to “Sit Down”. Try as much as you can to avoid using negatives. The best example is telling the dog “Don’t Sit”. It will just grasp the word “Sit” and do what it understands by it. Other phrases that should not be used are phrases like “Please sit”, “come and sit”, “Sit boy” etc.Play the dog’s favorite game for at least 5 minutes after the training to make the dog excited about the training. This will boost a positive experience and make it look forward to training sessions.When instructing the dog, you should always use the same consistency and tone in your voice. You can make a special “command tone” so that the dog can have an easy time understanding the commands each time. However, after the training, practicing with different tones, volume or even by different people will assist reinforce the commands.Adam Kutner

Adam Kutner

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