How long to go dog sledding comfortably?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 2, 2012

Question by abs: How long to go dog sledding comfortably?
Me and a few friends are looking to go dog sledding in Northern Ontario.

They have alot of packages, from a couple of hours, to half day, full day, even weekend trips.

We were just wondering how long should we go for? I mean would we ever get bored after a few hours? We want to enjoy the experience, and not feel like we didn’t do enough, but at the same time not feel like we did too much.

What do you guys recommend?

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Answer by dewclaw
The answer really depends on what experience you want to enjoy:

Just being on a sled pulled by the amazing athletic dogs is enough for some people, then you would only need a short trip to see that.

Some people are more interested by being able to travel to places by dog team you would not get to see otherwise, for that you will need to go out longer.

And still others want to experience what it would be like to actually travel and live out with these beautiful dogs, experience what it take to camp with them, and for that you would want at least one night.

SO I would say ask yourself why am I doing this? what do I want my experience to be? and that will guide your answer.

AS for getting bored, again that depends on you. And if you are a passenger in the sled or actually driving your own sled. Contrary to what some people may think you are not just standing there, la dee da, while the dogs do all the work. Driving a sled requires some efforts on your part, so you will be doing things like steering and adjusting your balance the whole time.

It is quite traveling by dog team, and compared to motorized transport slower. A lot of people enjoy that opportunity it gives them to appreciate the country they are traveling through.

OK now I should mention that I am biased, I am an Alaska dog musher who has been running dogs distance for over a decade. I love mushing, and have never been bored on the back of a dog sled. So for my money (and this is really just my opinion) I would go for at least a full day. But if you could; I would take advantage of the chance to camp out with the dogs. Reputable tour companies are well prepared to make sure you stay warm and comfortable while giving you a taste of the type of adventure most people in the modern world will never see.

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