Who was the youngest person to win the Iditarod?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 4, 2012

Question by Heather: Who was the youngest person to win the Iditarod?
Who was the youngest person to come in the top 30th places in the Iditarod?

Best answer:

Answer by Piper- Won UDX!
The youngest to *win*, i’m pretty sure, is Libby Riddles- who also was the first woman winner.


The youngest person to *run* is:
Dallas Seavey turned 18 on March 4, 2005. He is the youngest musher to run the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race. The oldest musher to ever compete is Col. Norman Vaughan who will turn 88 in December. Col. Vaughan has completed the race four times and plans to go again in 1997 (Iditarod’s silver anniversary.)


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