Can you train your dog to pick up his own poop?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 9, 2012

Question by The Jolly Roger: Can you train your dog to pick up his own poop?
I’m sick of doing it and sick of smelling it. I googled “how to train dog to pick up own poop” and it showed me a bunch of links to get the dog to stop eating it. That is not the problem I’m having though. He doesn’t want to eat poop because he gets fed well- Cheerios, occasional hot dog piece, yesterday my kid gave him a whole banana and last night my son shared his broccoli.

Anyway, how can I get him to pick up his own poop (without eating it, of course?)


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Answer by x-Naomi-x
It sounds as if you’re being kind of lazy. Having a dog is a huge responsibility, and you can’t expect it to take care of itself.

Just feed it a healthier diet.

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Sleddoggin Staff March 10, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Although a good “trick” it would be, the higher quality diet you feed your dog, the less they’ll poop. Dogs are very good at using the food you give them within their bodies, if it’s of high quality/nutrition.


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