Some of the Best Adventure Travel Destinations!

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 11, 2012

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by yksin

Article by Mar Hoy

Are you sick of having to use all of your vacation time for visiting your family? Are you tired of sitting on a couch and watching television with your parents because doing something else during your vacation time would make you feel guilty? Getting over the guilt can be hard. At the same time, every once in a while you need to take a vacation that you can enjoy. Why not go off on a grand adventure the next time you get some vacation days? You might even be able to fit in a weekend adventure trek and still be able to make stop at your parent’s house. Here are some adventure travels you should try.

Dog sledding is great fun! You might think that dog sledding can only be done by professionals who are trained in the sport. This is true for the Iditarod race. If, however, you just want to have a great adventure and try out a little bit of dog sledding, you should try out Alaskan Husky Adventures. This group offers two and three day package deals. You take up your own groceries and sleep in the cabins they provide and during the day you are given lessons on sledding and taken on tours by the trained professionals on staff. Dude Ranches are good trips for the whole family. In Nebraska, the Ponderosa Ranch is a labor-intensive and vacation ranch. You can sleep in the ranch’s guest cabins. During the day you get the experience of what it’s like to be a real-life working ranch hand. Guests ride horseback and help out by rounding up and driving the ranch’s cattle from one pasture location to another. At night there are campfire stories to be shared, some home cooking to be enjoyed and some excellent activities to participate in. When you have free time, you have several options to choose from, including hunting, fishing, hiking and riding horses. This is a really good vacation for families because they welcome people from all age groups and skill levels.

Has the thought of a deep-sea fishing trip ever crossed your mind? For a majority of people, fishing doesn’t enter their minds when they dream about adventure travels. However, when you are out in the middle of the big blue sea, fishing is totally new. Besides wrangling typically larger fish, you are also dealing with the ocean elements. Anything is possible, out on the ocean. The kind of deep-sea fish you want to catch will help you determine your vacation spot. Although, if you so desire you can also select your vacation spot by the climate and “home base” landscape. One hallowed destination for deep-sea fishing is Hawaii.

Sure there are some adventure travels that are expensive but there are just as many that are easily affordable. These vacations don’t have to be lengthy. Some will only last for the day! Why not choose to have fun and an adventure once in a while–there’s no rule that says you have to spend every vacation feeling bored. Because there are so many different kinds of adventure travels and vacations to take your hardest choice is going to be deciding what you want to do the most and where you want to do it! Go have fun!

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