Significance of Dog Training

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 17, 2012

Dog training is as important for us as is dog keeping. This is the most faithful animal that saves us from dangers but it is not such a simple task to keep dogs at home. In current times, houses are not very huge where you build a separate dog house so that you avoid the dog dung etc. Some times dog’s behaviour is also problematic that needs the owner’s attention e.g. if it continuously barks, your mental peace will be spoiled. This makes dog training a must.

For effective dog training, you can take a number of steps. Dogs live in packs, so they are sociable. If you show your friendly behavior, they will learn quicker. You need to show the example to your dog in order to train it e.g. if it is habitual of running fast with or without reason, you do not afford such a habit inside your home. To overcome this habit you need to hold its chain and have a practice of walking nicely.

It really loves the attention of its master.

The other important point is that you should never keep your dog hungry by mistake or as a punishment of some wrong doing as it gets furious. When it is hungry it may be harmful for you. As part of dog training, you should start punishing and rewarding the dog but remember that it should be justified. Dogs are quite intelligent to recognize your mood and temperament. Ignoring your dog is the worst punishment for your dog. In the same way if you simply encourage it by simply patting or by making a sign of victory, it will be more than any fine delight for him. But as you need punctuality in carrying out any other routine, in the same way you need to strictly adhere to your routine in dog training.

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