What is the Political affiliation of Yukon Cornelius?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 18, 2012

Question by outcrop: What is the Political affiliation of Yukon Cornelius?
1. He is consumed with the quest for wealth.
2. Carries a handgun
3> Treats animals humanely
4. Offers assistance to strangers in need
5. Is Pro-reformation of reprobates and giving a second chance
6. Lives alone in a fantasy land

Is he a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian?
I am sad to report that the babble of “gold” being pushed about by small, singing rodents was nothing other than pyrite (“Fool’s Gold”). It seems Mr. Cornelius should have focused a bit harder in Prospecting Class…

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Answer by BigRichGuy
I don’t know his political affiliation, but he sounds like an average American.

Rudolph, however, just SOUNDS communist.

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