Free Solitaire City iPhone Update Available with Landscape Support.

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 24, 2012

Vail, CO (PRWEB) August 15, 2008

Following the highly successful launch of Solitaire City for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, Digital Smoke LLC is showing its appreciation to fans by releasing a free update with landscape support; a much requested feature. Solitaire City v1.10 can now switch from portrait to landscape screen layouts during the middle of a game simply by rotating the iPhone 90 degrees. Landscape versions of each background image have also been added along with a new card set amongst other new features and bug fixes. The free v1.10 update is available to existing customers through the iTunes App Store.

Solitaire City is played against the clock for points. The faster a game is completed, the higher the score, the best of which are displayed on one of many hi-score tables. If a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection is detected, then scores from players all round the world are automatically downloaded to the phone for daily, weekly and long term competition. This unique scoring system makes the games unbelievably addictive and people have found themselves playing long into the night in an attempt to shave a few seconds off the best times and see their name paraded on iPhones all around the globe.

Solitaire City has been regularly updated, across various platforms, for the past ten years and has become a highly polished collection of solitaire games that are easy and fun to play. The graphics are of the highest quality, making full use of the iPhone’s 3D hardware to display rotating, spinning cards, shadows and particle effects. Fun sound effects also add to the experience.

All the popular solitaire games have been implemented such as Spider, FreeCell, Klondike, Poker Squares, Pyramid, Golf, Yukon and more, along with less familiar games such as Casket, Eliminator, Tri-Peaks and Alternations, all with numerous game rules to add variety. Learning the rules of an unfamiliar solitaire game can be tedious and confusing at the best of times but Solitaire City actually makes it fun using a unique training system that teaches people how to play as they participate, pointing out valid moves and explaining the rules along the way. No more boring game rules to read. Learning to play is now fun.

Solitaire City’s artificial intelligence points out when a game has blocked and it’s time to give up, sparing the frustration of searching for a non-existent move. It can also point out the best move to play when the going gets tough, saving valuable time in the quest for a top score.

Solitaire City is available from the iTunes App Store and is compatible with the iPhone 3G, original iPhone and iPod Touch.

Digital Smoke LLC is an independent software developer, creating fun video games for a variety of popular handhelds, computers and consoles.

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