What are some of the best wolf or sled dog movies?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 26, 2012

Question by : What are some of the best wolf or sled dog movies?
I have already seen “White Fang”, “White Fang 2″, ” Call of the Wild”, “Eight Below”, “Snow Dogs”, “Balto”, “Balto 2″, “Balto 3″, “New Moon” ,AND Im about to watch “Iron Will”. I am VERY interested in wolves and sled dogs (siberian huskies and alaskan malamutes) and I like watching movie about them. Is their any more sled dog and/or wolf movies?

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Answer by Hippocrites r Proud Creatures
There’s one where the young guy runs the Iditarod. While most people just sit on the sledge, he runs along behind it so his dogs won’t tire. Forget it’s name.

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