Dog sports training – Beginning Treibball – Sandi Pensinger

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 27, 2012 The 4 DVDs are menu driven for easy access to different exercises for practice. Also included in this set is a CD-ROM with a Living With Dogs Training Journal, PowerPoint Handouts & a Treibball Training Log. Treibball (pronounced “try-ball”) is a new canine sport of urban herding that was developed in Germany and recently went viral in the American dog training world. A combination of herding, agility and soccer like skills are combined to make this a fun game for any breed. Treibball is great exercise and a confidence booster. Dogs learn to push large pilates-type exercise balls into a goal, distance work and impulse control. Treibball is for all types and breeds of dogs who like to play and need a cool job. This DVD is a two day workshop with dogs and their owners having fun learning a new game. There is lots of training footage of dogs learning the new exercises so they, too, can play Treibball. Easy to use at home or would make an excellent resource to trainers who would like to add a Treibball class to their training calendar. Total run time 7 hrs 10 min

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