Why do people train dogs for dog fights?

by Sleddoggin Staff on March 29, 2012

Question by greenburg603: Why do people train dogs for dog fights?
I have been reading about people that are owners of dogs are using the dogs and trainng them for dog fights. I see this type of story on the news and read about them in the newspapers. When ever I hear about people abusing their pets,I start to cry because of how people abuse their pets. I just heard about that baskeball player training the pitbulls for dogfights. What is wrong with people that abuse animals? Do they not have love for other people or pets they own? I just can’t believe that people will abuse pets for money or the fun of it. Don’t people that abuse pets have any sympathy or empathy for the pets they are abusing? When ever I hear a story about a person abusing their dog or cat and etc, it stuns me that people like that enjoy seeing these animals abused. I start feeling sorry for all these animals that are bein abused by their owner or owners.

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Answer by Chiappone
They are ignorant and have no compassion for another living thing. After working at a humane society I have seen things that I just can not believe a person could intentionally do to a living thing. It disgusts me.

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