Dog Walking Belts – How Did We Ever Manage Without Them?

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 4, 2012

Dogs can be very powerful animals and some breeds, especially sled dogs such as huskies and malamutes can be very difficult to walk on daily exercise because it is in the dogs nature to pull and lets face it, that is what they are bred for.

Controlling them with a conventional lead can prove difficult. The strain on the owners wrists, arms and shoulders can cause discomfort and affect posture after a while. Walking more than one dog at a time is also precarious especially if the owner is of slight or slender build.

That is why so many sled dog owners and others prefer to use a dog walking belt instead.

The dog walking belt fits around the waist of the owner when walking their dog and it means that they can use their whole body weight to control the dog or dogs and still have their hands free. This is a huge benefit for many dog owners.

Of course there are many different types available on the market so how do you determine which dog walking belt is right for you?

Well the first thing you should be looking at is what material your dog walking belt has been constructed from. Ideally it should be made from strong webbing with the part that goes around your back made from Cordura, which covers a foam pad for the comfort of the wearer. This should be at least 4 inches wide to give appropriate support for the back. Also the webbing around the belt should be no less than 2 inches wide. A strong clip is also required to close the dog walking belt around the body.

Usually there are two loops leading at the front to connect a locking karabiner which links the lead or leads ( in the case of more than one dog ) to the belt for total security. An ideal dog walking belt will have a bungee shock absorber to take any strain the dogs may place on it as they pull. This will benefit the dog and the owner.

Jogging with your dog can be great fun and the use of a belt makes the exercise a pleasure.

For the more competitive owner the growing sport of cani-cross might be for you. This is where one runs with a single dog attached to a belt. If you are running competitively then obviously you need your arms totally free to run properly.

There are specialised cani-cross belts available of course but many prefer the use of a dog walking belt with a slightly longer lead attached because it can be used for both activities.

I highly recommend the use of a dog walking belt to anyone, whatever breed they own. Once you have used one you will wonder how you ever managed before.

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I hope you found this article useful. Thanks for reading it.

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