When you first bring home a working dog puppy?

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 6, 2012

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by bossco

Question by monl1225: When you first bring home a working dog puppy?
I just brought home a working dog puppy and will be starting his training for SAR work, but I am new to this and have heard a few different ways of “introduceing” him. Does he stay in the crate the majority of the time and only the handler does EVERYTHING with him so that the pup knows who the “pack leader” is?? I am confused, I heard different things and I want to do this the right way?

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Answer by greekman
As a working dog, your dog does need to regard you as the center if his Universe. All good things must come from you and so must training and corrections, but, as a working dog, he must also be exposed to everything a dog like him will encounter later in life. The sooner you start this exposure as a game, the better. Environmental sensitivities are not a good thing for a working dog to have and that is the meaning behind the word “socialization”. Building a dog that is secure in every circumstance and every environment.
Good luck with your new dog…

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