Disc Dogs – Is Frisbee the Right Sport For Your Dog?

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 7, 2012

Where Did the Sport Come From?

Frisbee became a popular game for human in the 1970′s and it wasn’t long before dogs joined in too. National interest was sparked in August of 1974 when a nineteen year old college student and his dog interrupted a baseball game between the Dodgers and the Reds by playing Frisbee on the field. It was so fascinating the game was actually stopped and the announcer continued to comment on the Frisbee action. It wasn’t long before other dog lovers banded together to take up the sport.

How Does it Work?

There are two different types of competition in a disc dog contest: toss and fetch, and freestyle. The toss and fetch event is fairly standard, where the owner throws a disc and the dog retrieves it. This is broken down further into distance fetching, and short range fetching.

In distance fetching the longest throw and catch wins, whereas in short range fetching it is the number of discs caught that counts. Freestyle disc catching is a choreographed routine with jumps, flips, and all other sort of tricks that are scored on a point system. All of these are extremely fun to watch!

Who Can Play?

The wonderful thing about disc dog competitions is that they are open to any breed, including mixed-breed dogs. Many shelter dogs have become national champions in the sport, and Frisbee is extremely useful for rehabilitating abused dogs.

If you want to get involved in disc dog competitions look for organizations like Skyhoundz and the UFO in your area.

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