How do you train dog almost two years old where to go potty?

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 7, 2012

Question by polo: How do you train dog almost two years old where to go potty?
We recently got a healthy, happy cocker spaniel who had a brief career (few months) in the show dog ring and are surprised that while he does his business on morning and evening walks, he has less control in and around the house throughout day. We’d like him to do in designated area. We’ve tried the special gravel, pads, crating (at night). We think he was kept in garage kennel with his former original owner who raises lots of show dogs. Not sure how that childhood plays into current situation.

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Answer by fldonag
Check with your closest kennel or ASPCA & ask them when the next class for house training is. Also, question on the highest age a dog can be. My brother got a shepherd & he was from the kennel. He was abused & my brother had to house train him. He was doing his “doo doo” in my house until my parents told him off!

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