Dog Training Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 11, 2012

Article by Harry88

By seeking out information on dog training, you’ve taken your first step in the right direction. You have come to the right place for information on how to train your dog.

Teaching a puppy their name is one of the first steps to undertake and creates a lasting bond. Use his name frequently, and train him to come to you when called. These are the commands your dog should learn before anything else. Spend a lot of time getting to know your pup, and building a loving relationship with him so he knows who to trust. This will help them become more receptive to harder training later.

If you want a dog that is well-behaved, assure that everyone who interacts with the dog gives it the same treatment as you do. Dogs will learn quicker from training that has all people treating them the same way. If multiple people are training a dog with different methods, the dog becomes confused.

If you intend to be gone for a significant length of time, such as when you go to an ordinary 9-5 job, walk your dog in preparation for the absence. You can help eliminate separation anxiety by wearing them out before you leave home.

Any type of introduction to unfamiliar animals needs to be attempted very slowly. If you want a second pet, look for one that will be compatible with your current pet. You should make sure to adopt a pet that fits your life and personality so that you can establish a good bond.

Get your dog the proper nutrition required for canine health. An unhealthy diet can have several negative effects on your dog. A poor diet can affect their behavior as well as their health. By making small changes to your dog’s diet, you can alter their receptiveness to the training.

Give them chew toys for pain relief while teething, and keep everything else out of reach. Put the chew toy in front of it immediately so it learns that this toy is what it should be chewing. Chew toys are essential for puppies who are experiencing pain from teething. A great alternative is a frozen wash cloth.

Don’t give a puppy too much information and training at once, or you’ll wear him out. A puppy only has short bursts of energy and doesn’t have a long attention; you’ve got to keep your training sessions positive and short. If your training sessions stress your puppy, he will grow increasingly less attentive in future sessions.

If your dog suddenly starts misbehaving for no apparent reason, it is essential to take him to a veterinarian to see if an underlying health problem is the cause of the negative behavior. A dog can start behaving badly if they are experiencing pain or having health issues. Since they can not communicate with us easily, they resort to the means that they think will give them more attention.

Dog training is most productive when you know what incentives that your dog will work for. It might take a little while to really get to know your dogs likes, but don’t get discouraged. No matter why you are training your dog, offer him a variety of training exercises and lots of positive reinforcement. Training will be most successful when the dog is happy.

Do not give your dog too many treats; you could make him gain some weight when you offer an excessive number as rewards. Treats don’t spring to mind when thinking about a pet’s diet, but they have an impact – one that is magnified during the reward-heavy training process.

To accomplish your dog training goals with more consistency, give your dog plenty of playful exercise. Dogs are not designed to be sedentary animals. A happy and healthy dog should go out and run every day. Take your pet to the dog park or help him learn a new skill that keeps him active, such as playing fetch with tennis balls or catching a Frisbee in mid-flight. Do not allow your dog to become complacent and encourage regular physical activity.

You should pick a phrase to say to your puppy while he is being house trained. Use the same word or phrase each time you bring him out to go to the bathroom so that he understands what you want him to do and makes a memory link between the phrase and the act.

Keep an eye out for triggers for unacceptable behavior with your dog and be sure to distract him from those triggers. Try distracting your dogs from other dogs while on your walks. This will establish a positive relationship with that stimuli.

A harness is less bothersome to your dog, but also prevents you from exercising control when you need to do so. If you use a harness and a collar together, you can show your dog how to behave when he is only wearing the harness.

You must correct you dog each and every time he misbehaves, as well as reward the dog for correct behavior. Your dog needs consistency from all members in a household. One family member breaking the rules for the dog can lead to your dog feeling confused when he is reprimanded. This will undo all your training!

Playing tug-of-war with your puppy makes training less effective. Tug-of-war, along with wrestling and chasing games, teach the puppy to be dominant and to bite at you. Once your puppy is older and well trained, you can play rough games.

You can enjoy the company of a dog and have a clean house at the same time. If you have a difficult dog, it can be hard to keep your house in order, but luckily, dog training is here to save the day. If you utilize the information that is provided in this article, you should be able to live a happy life with your K-9 companion.

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