100 Things to Do With Your Dog

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 14, 2012

Are you looking for things to do with your dog? Here is a list of 100 different ideas, sorted by categories:

communing with nature
extreme sports
crazy things to do
get some exercise
treat your dog
…..or just chill


12 ways to have fun together

1. go to a dog park

2. visit a seniors home

3. go shopping at a pet friendly store

4. visit pet friends

5. feature him on dogbook / Facebook

6. take a bunch of your old sheets and towels to your local dog shelter

7. sign up for therapy dog training, described in Wikipedia

8. make a home video and post on YouTube

9. go to a local ‘fun meet’ for your dog’s breed

10. arrange a play date with doggie friends

11. join a local dog walk event to raise money for the humane society

12. be part of animal assisted activities (like therapy dogs, less training needed)

Commune with Nature

5 ways to get back to basics

13. go backpacking

14. take a hike together

15. swim in the ocean or a nearby lake

16. go to the beach

17. go camping overnight

Try Extreme Sports

14 ways to challenge yourself and your dog

Just search any of these activities online that sound intriguing to you….btw, you’ll find many of these activities described at DogPlay.com.

18. fly-gility

19. dog sledding

20. bikjoring

21. dog carting

22. Schutzhund

23. canicross – canine cross country, running with your dog attached to you

24. Scootering – like dogsledding but without the snow

25. try Skijoring – a cross between dog sledding and cross country skiing.

26. flying Disc Dog Sport

27. lure coursing

28. weight pulling

29. search and rescue

30. dog racing

31. dock jumping or dock diving


10 ways to have an adventure

32. take day trips

33. send your dog to summer camp, mentioned on CBS Evening News

34. go to a beer garden or sidewalk cafe

35. walk the beach

36. attend a summer festival

37. go for a car ride

38. explore holistic dog care by visiting a local practitioner

39. go to a special owner-and-dog camp or hotel like Dog Paddling Adventures

40. head to a fishing lodge together

41. have him Temperament Tested by a professional to see what else he’d like to do

Go Crazy

12 wacky, wild things to do

42. host a dog wedding

43. have your dog be in your wedding party

44. play dress up

45. get and wear matching clothes with your dog

46. put your dog in a TV commercial or a movie

47. organize a dog Halloween party in your neighborhood

48. design greeting cards featuring your dog and sell them on Zazzle

49. print a t-shirt with your favourite pic of your dog at Cafe Press

50. throw your dog a birthday party

51. after grooming, paint her toenails

52. get a companion puppy for your dog

53, get his picture taken with a Pet Santa

Get some exercise

14 ways to get a move on

54. go for a walk

play a dog game together like

55. flyball

56. frisbee

57. running

58. play ball

59. Hide and Seek

60. fetch

61. tug of war

62. teach him to walk on a treadmill

63. rollerblade with your dog like Cesar Millan

64. bike with the help of a Springer Bike Leash

65. try canine water sports

66. stroll your city’s boardwalk if you live by water

67. make a ‘digging pit’ for your dog if you have a large yard

Teach him

5 instructive ideas

68. teach him 100 words

69. play Sniffer Dog and Nose Games

70. performance art (awesome tricks for an audience)

71. canine freestyle (musical dance with your dog)

72. show your (pure breed) dog in competitions

Train him

9 serious training activities

73. take obedience training

74. get into competitive obedience trials

75. try Rally – less precise and more varied than the sport of obedience

76. train him for tracking

77. try fun agility training

78. clicker training

79. get into stock trials – for herding dogs

80. try a K-9 drill teams (see Yahoo groups)

81. install invisible fencing so he can ditch the rope

Treat him

15 ways to spoil your dog

82. groom him

83. brush his teeth

84. send him to a doggie spa; you go to your spa

85. rent a canoe together

86. have a dog picnic in the park

87. throw sticks in the lake

88. have a bark-beque

89. bath him outside on a hot day

90. go to a do-it-yourself dog wash

91. buy him a treatball like a KONG

92. massage your dog

93. get him a new toy or two

94. check out a dog bakery and let him pick a treat

95. give him THE best ear rub

96. get a solid plastic kiddy pool and fill it up on hot days

… or Just Chill

4 relaxing ideas

97. take a nap

98. talk to him

99. sing him a song

100. read a book out loud to your dog

Looking for more things to do with your dog? Visit 6 Crazy Things to do with your dog for some really off-the-wall ideas.

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