Sled dog racing question! thnks!?

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 17, 2012

Question by : Sled dog racing question! thnks!?
So i’m getting into sled dog racing! I am getting 2 dogs for 1 sled (i only weigh 106) i will have a lead dog don’t worry. but anyways just wondering if there’s any good websites you can give me on sled dogs and sled dog racing?! I’m also looking for a sponsor are there any websites (probably not) or should i contact someone and ask them? Also I will have a professional work with me on racing them! so don’t worry about me not knowing what i’m doing! (i don’t but i WILL) Also when buying a siberian husky (i’ve found 2 i LOVE) what should i look for? I’ve bought a dog before (she died) but i wasn’t really racing her (she was a papillon! haha) so what should i look for? should i ask to walk them to see if they pull? how can i tell if i’m getting my money’s worth? any good websites with good equiptment that isn’t too expensive (i found a sled and some other stuff the sled as about $ 250 and the other stuff total was about $ 65) that’s good quality! any tips would be great to! no bad comments like “you aren’t ready for this’ as you don’t KNOW me or “don’t race them dogs are not meant to be raced” Um have you SEEN a siberian husky?! they are HYPER!!!!! icon smile Sled dog racing question! thnks!? thanks for your help! and sorry about all the questions just making sure i am covering all areas! thanks again!

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Answer by Sunshine- Truth Hurts!
I have a Siberian Husky and they are bred for pulling sleds. They are pretty strong dogs but some are not. Please make sure to check with your vet if the dog is eligible to race or pull sleds. But here are some great sites on info for sledding dogs:

Please make sure to adopt from a shelter or a reputable breeder. Pet store dogs come from puppy mills and if you see a picture, you might throw up. My first puppy mill picture I saw was when I was 4 years old and I puked how bad these dogs live in. Here is a site for dog sledding supplies:

Sorry if I didn’t help a lot hehe. I used to race my dog but know I moved and live in a warm climate. Good luck!

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