Myopia Sled Dog Races | Part ONE

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 19, 2012

Massachusetts Myopia Sled Dog Races in S.Hamilton, MA. Saturday Jan 16th. 2010… take note: SPORTSMANSHIP & COMARADERIE:: —————————————- Mushing Sport Disclaimer : Please note that NO dogs were or are hurt in the making of this video. As it many seem cruel to have the dogs locked up in boxes (for safe transport) or chained up to a gang line (for running). We strive for humane treatment & it is always in the best interest of the dogs to be protected and cared for by their responsible owners. This is lifestyle and these dogs are trained to mush almost everyday, its in their disposition as working dogs. There is a site of the animal advocacy movement: ————————————– —————————————- The bottom line is that cruelty is cruelty, no matter where or by whom it is practiced. —————————————- Myopia Sled Dog Races ————————————— Over 2000 spectators watched teams from around New England and Maryland competing. Norman Vaughan’s famous quote “Dream big, dare to fail” could have been the race’s motto. We certainly dreamed big when deciding to hold a snow race in Massachusetts in the middle of January. It took countless volunteers, working around the clock, heavy snow moving equipment (to cover a few hundred yards of road) and a lot of guts and dedication to pull this off. With warm weather approaching on Thursday before the race, trail
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