Q&A: sled dog racing help please?

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 20, 2012

Question by : sled dog racing help please?
okay i am thirteen
i think it would be really really really cooool to be in sled dog racingg
how young to people usually start training for races like the iditarod ?
what should i do to practice ? i moved to texas from michigann[im used to the cold] haha so anyone have any tips or any advice
i know it seems kinda far away but i can dream cant i ?

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Answer by dontknow
my kids hooked up the dog to a scooter and left a leash on the collar. they were able to control/correct the dog on commands + they got a pretty good ride. between now and when snow is on the ground the dog will get exercise and re-learn her commands. we have 1 husky with a sled and all the harnesses, ganglines required for dog sledding. the scooter seems to be a great pre-winter thing.

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