Is it too late to train my dog now?

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 22, 2012

Question by : Is it too late to train my dog now?
I have a female Pomeranian. She is 1 year and three months old. She will sit if you have a treat for her but that’s about it. A friend of the family who claims she is an expert on how to train dogs discouraged me the other day saying that my dog is too old and stubborn to be trained now. Is she right? My dog can be stubborn at times, but she is clever, and if you use a stern tone she’ll listen. But is it too late to train my dog basic commands now?
Gene: go to hell.

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Answer by FelineCb
No you can still train her to do things like lie down, roll over, speak, shake, etc… She probably wont ever be a seeing eye dog or anything but you can teach her basic commands.

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