Taking Your Dog to Work

by Sleddoggin Staff on April 25, 2012

If you are a business owner who is considering taking your dog to your office, please read this article. It also relates to letting your employees bring their dogs to the workplace as well. Growing up in California, there was a lot of affection for dogs. Because there was lots of sunshine, there were lots of parks and events to take canines. It was not uncommon to see dogs in small businesses like travel agencies or auto body shops. If you are considering how this will effect your potential customers, I have some practical advice.

Post a sign that you have a dog on the premises. It does not have to be one of those “Beware of Dog” signs. You just need to let patrons know that there is a dog, so they are not startled. Also there may be people who are subject to allergies who would like to know. I have a friend who is allergic to dogs and breaks out by even the slightest dander.

You need to let people know before they walk into your office.

Also, put on a collar with a bell or other sound emanating object. This will let you know where the dog is at. I was once at a body shop where the owner kept yelling for his dog. It was unsettling that this seemed to be the focus and not taking care of m business. If you can hear where the dog is then you will not have to keep yelling or searching for your dog.

Third, put bedding and food out of site. Pet food can bring insects. Even though your business may not be food related, people feel uneasy if they are looking at pests crawling over your pet’s food. Worse than that is the odor that can come from canned foods. Unless you are regularly washing the pet’s bedding then keep it private as well. I have seen too many causal beds that are chewed up.

This reflects on your business and how you think of its atmosphere. If you are going to being in a dog that is fine, but show your customers you respect them enough to take care of even your dog’s needs. Go ahead and enjoy your dog, but do not think you are in a dog sitting business. Focus on your customers first.

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