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Are Pit Bulls Working Dogs?

by Sleddoggin Staff April 27, 2012

by JIEDDO I’ll answer that with a resounding you bet! Pit Bulls are perfectly designed for working. Not to mention they are versatile and can adapt to almost every form of work available for working dogs today. A few jobs Pit Bulls excel at are: Drug Detection Explosive Detection Search and Rescue Water Safety Dogs Therapy [...]


California Dogs Can Jump

by Sleddoggin Staff April 25, 2012

by SundeWurks Photography Article by Glenn B At the end of a makeshift dock that’s been decorated with banners, a man in a T-shirt and jogging pants holds up a yellow object. He’s looking behind him at a black Labrador retriever. The dog is staring at him attentively. Suddenly, the man crouches down, holding the [...]


Taking Your Dog to Work

by Sleddoggin Staff April 25, 2012

by United States Marine Corps Official Page If you are a business owner who is considering taking your dog to your office, please read this article. It also relates to letting your employees bring their dogs to the workplace as well. Growing up in California, there was a lot of affection for dogs. Because there [...]


Finding Difference amongst Dog Harness & Dog Collar

by Sleddoggin Staff April 24, 2012

by Rockstar02 These days, many people are there who love to keep pets in their homes. However, taming a pet like dog is not easy. One has to take care of it just like a small a baby. Anyone who is planning to keep a dog in his or her home should know that various [...]


Keeping Your Dog Healthy

by Sleddoggin Staff April 23, 2012

by bethhaught Dogs have always been our constant companions. Since times long gone, they have been by our side, hunting together with us, living together, and protecting us. They are our buddies, our confidants, our friends, and sometimes even the only ones who really seem to care about us. Dont dogs deserve the best treatment [...]


A Few Dog Training Success Tips You Need to Know

by Sleddoggin Staff April 22, 2012

by airwaves1 Is it possible to train your dog at home? You bet it is! Many dog owners have chosen to go this route to avoid the expenses of paying for a professional dog trainer, and even to avoid the expense of putting gas on their cars, especially these days when gas prices had sky [...]


Pet Agility and Dog Sports

by Sleddoggin Staff April 21, 2012

by Orloskaya Most pet owners, especially those into sports, would also like their dogs to engage in an active and dynamic lifestyle. Dog breeds that are considered sport dogs are trained to be more energetic and vigorous. Dog training is very important because it develops both the pet’s physical and mental health. Almost every owner [...]


Themed Dog Clothing

by Sleddoggin Staff April 20, 2012

by Sukianto Article by Lisa Mason Dog clothing is available in many different themes, from holidays to sports and even formal wear. Sports fans are known to proudly display their favorite team in their clothing, accessories and bumper stickers. But an avid sports fan who also loves dogs can go a step further and outfit [...]


The Many Jobs of the Working Dog

by Sleddoggin Staff April 19, 2012

by 401st_AFSB Article by Joseph M. Sabol When someone mentions “working dogs”, most people think of the breed group recognized by the American Kennel Club. This group includes Dobermans, Rottweilers, Akitas, Newfoundland, Bullmastiffs and several other breeds. These dogs were developed to perform specific duties, such as guarding and protection, sled pulling, herding and farm [...]


Dog Carting: As “Mush” Fun You Can Have On Dry Land

by Sleddoggin Staff April 18, 2012

by mastermaq Article by Evan Price When was the last time you went Mushing? No, mushing is not something that comes off the bottom of your shoe or something you do to the BARF patties before you feed it to your dogs. Trust me, it is not nearly as disgusting as it sounds. Mushing is [...]


Dog Costumes and Dog Boots – Staying Safe and Warm for the Holidays

by Sleddoggin Staff April 17, 2012

by yksin It won’t be long before autumn rolls around and owners will be shopping for things like dog clothes and dog boots for winter and dog costumes for the holidays. Halloween is a big chance to have a lot of fun with your pet dressing up. Most dogs and even some cats and other [...]


Montana Great Outdoors

by Sleddoggin Staff April 16, 2012

by grid.epsilon Montana is a huge state with a variety of monthly events and, of course, skiing in the winter months. When you’re in Big Sky country you can’t help but spend some time under and enjoy as much of the outdoors as you can during the day and stay toasty warm inside. In Big [...]


Working Dogs

by Sleddoggin Staff April 15, 2012

Article by Rubel Zaman Dogs are mans best friend in many ways. Either in a social or working situation dogs want to please and be part of the pack to which they belong; and despite the influx of technology, when it comes to certain jobs there is no one better to help than our canine [...]


100 Things to Do With Your Dog

by Sleddoggin Staff April 14, 2012

by heather.morrison Are you looking for things to do with your dog? Here is a list of 100 different ideas, sorted by categories: socializing communing with nature extreme sports exploring training crazy things to do get some exercise treat your dog …..or just chill Socialize 12 ways to have fun together 1. go to a [...]


Do a Good Job of Dog Training

by Sleddoggin Staff April 13, 2012

by waltarrrrr Dog training can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. It can range from employing the most basic training methods to the more complicated or advanced training methods that a professional dog trainer would employ. There are methods which are more ideal to a specific breed of dog. Obviously [...]


Various Dog Training Methods

by Sleddoggin Staff April 12, 2012

by Earthworm Though there is a general impression that reward training is the modern type of training, in reality this training method is very old. As old as ever since the dogs were there to train. Even before that people were using informal reward training methods to train wolf pups, which turned out to be [...]


Dog Training Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

by Sleddoggin Staff April 11, 2012

Article by Harry88 By seeking out information on dog training, you’ve taken your first step in the right direction. You have come to the right place for information on how to train your dog. Teaching a puppy their name is one of the first steps to undertake and creates a lasting bond. Use his name [...]


Small Dog Clothing for the Sports Fan

by Sleddoggin Staff April 10, 2012

by kaiyen Small dog clothing designed for the sports fan allows you to show off your support for your team and dress up your small dog at the same time. These items are fun, entertaining and make great conversational pieces. Your pet will love all of the attention he gets when sporting around a jersey [...]