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Working Dogs

by Sleddoggin Staff March 22, 2012

by The U.S. Army Article by Kay Stevens The term ‘work like a dog’ is true. Dogs can work in many different jobs. Their most common job is to bring joy to lonely people, families and children. In most cases, these working dogs are paid in love. Here are a few examples of working dogs. [...]


Greyhounds Racing

by Sleddoggin Staff March 21, 2012

by heather.morrison In greyhound racing it’s all about the hounds. They are what determine how much one will get by influencing the number of bets. But some people don’t think of the hounds as living animals, but rather as an investment. This mistreatment of the dogs has resulted in many countries around the world banning [...]


Introduction to Dog Scootering

by Sleddoggin Staff March 20, 2012

by Carol Browne Dog Scootering is an activity which is rapidly gaining popularity across the UK – dogs love to run and what better way to allow them to; you may have seen somebody in your local neighbourhood whizzing past you on a scooter being pulled by their dog or dogs. It is a great [...]


Fun Facts about Dogs

by Sleddoggin Staff March 19, 2012

by Troy B Thompson Article by Tommy Coffler Let’s talk about the top twelve fun science facts that surround dogs, the most loyal and the most reliable pet companions for people. Here are the twelve facts that you must know about your furry domestic pet: 1. There are a total of roughly around four hundred [...]


Dog Breeds 101

by Sleddoggin Staff March 18, 2012

by adactio Article by Patricia Johnson For thousands of years now, dogs have been selectively bred to produce varieties with characteristics superior to their predecessors. At first, the breeding focused on the dog’s use, for example its hunting ability. This resulted in a vast diversity of dog breeds. But it did not stop there, later [...]


Significance of Dog Training

by Sleddoggin Staff March 17, 2012

by airwaves1 Dog training is as important for us as is dog keeping. This is the most faithful animal that saves us from dangers but it is not such a simple task to keep dogs at home. In current times, houses are not very huge where you build a separate dog house so that you [...]


Dog Breeds and Nutritional Requirements

by Sleddoggin Staff March 16, 2012

by Cria-cow Article by Jeff Nenadic There has not been much research done in the field of nutritional requirements for the various breeds of dogs in today


Dog Sports – 9 Sports That You Can Enjoy With Your Mixed Breed Or Purebred

by Sleddoggin Staff March 15, 2012

by TC Morgan A great part of the fun of owning a dog is being able to do things together, whether it is just the two of you or in an organized event. While competitions have tended to have the reputation of being only for purebred dogs, more and more events are being opened to [...]


What Type of Dog Would Suit you Best: A Look at Dog Breeds

by Sleddoggin Staff March 14, 2012

by Kwong Yee Cheng Article by Valerie Goettsch As you begin your search for a dog, you are probably asking yourself, “What type of dog would be best for me?” Dogs come in many different sizes, colors, coats, and personalities. Start your dog ownership off on the right foot by doing your research before you [...]


Dog Sledding in Sweden

by Sleddoggin Staff March 13, 2012

by Drew Avery Klocka is a must visit for anyone who ever liked the idea of dog sledding. The icy temperatures, vast fir forests and placid mountains make this place a wonderful winter wonderland. After a hard day of Sledding out here you can sooth your exhausted muscles in the warm Swedish saunas and satisfy [...]


‘Tough’ Dogs and Leather Dog Collars

by Sleddoggin Staff March 12, 2012

by mcmorgan08 If you’re a dog owner, when you think ‘leather dog collar’, you are likely not picturing a Basset Hound or Cocker Spaniel wearing one. Typically, leather dog collars are worn by the large and working breeds (like the German Shepherd or Saint Bernard). These dogs are generally big and physically hardy and were [...]

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Some of the Best Adventure Travel Destinations!

by Sleddoggin Staff March 11, 2012

by yksin Article by Mar Hoy Are you sick of having to use all of your vacation time for visiting your family? Are you tired of sitting on a couch and watching television with your parents because doing something else during your vacation time would make you feel guilty? Getting over the guilt can be [...]


Husky Dog – The Perfect Companion

by Sleddoggin Staff March 10, 2012

by Cria-cow Article by Clarence Clark The husky dog is a name of several types and breeds of dogs that are normally used as sled dogs in countries like New Zealand, Alaska and some parts of the United States of America. Bespoke to the northern regions of the world as sled dogs, their popularity as [...]


Dog Training Barking Collars

by Sleddoggin Staff March 9, 2012

by Earthworm One of the most common reasons people need dog training is barking. The easiest and most efficient way to train your dog to stop barking is with a dog training barking collar. The general idea is to give your dog negative reinforcement every time he or she barks by having something unpleasant happen [...]


The Very Rare Chinook Dog – Less Than a Thousand of These Dogs Are in Existence

by Sleddoggin Staff March 8, 2012

by Carol Browne Chinook dogs are one of the rarest breed of dog there is (and on three separate occasions have actually been recognized as the rarest dog on the planet). Currently, there are 800 Chinooks registered with the United Kennel Club and 100 born each year, but at one point there were as few [...]


German Shorthaired Pointer Dog

by Sleddoggin Staff March 7, 2012

Article by Scott Lipe The German Shorthaired Pointer has a short thick coat that is predominately liver in colour, either solid liver, liver and white, liver patches/liver roan. In some countries their tails are docked, but this practice is now illegal in most countries. They have slightly long ears that lie flat and close to [...]


The Three Different Types of Poodles

by Sleddoggin Staff March 6, 2012

by yksin Poodles are divided into three different varieties, the standard, miniature, and toy. The American Kennel Club, a leading authority on dog breeds, delineates the varieties by size. Standard poodles must be over 15 inches at the highest points of their shoulders. Miniature poodles are defined as 15 inches or less at the highest [...]


alaska package tours

by Sleddoggin Staff March 5, 2012

by yksin Article by Jefferson Stein So when I landed in Anchorage, she was there to decide on me up and we had a fun night on the town.I believed the only point that would get some getting used to would be the sun staying up until eventually all around midnight. Nevertheless, I got a [...]