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normal post Forums Author Topic: Time FangFei do, flower another mood
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xx Forums Time FangFei do, flower another mood
on: March 26, 2012, 21:59


One time, passing the wind. Cloud floats, foggy, handle gradually no shadow. According to the time the clear path, graceful and restrained into the past a bit, then, a stream of thoughts just once more layers of ripple, returning to the MoXiang fulled the line.

-by the bright moon /

Darkness of the sky, the clouds HuiMeng, gather together of the chill ecbolic the lonely. The passage of time, the past time, tender feelings falling into how devastated a scene.

Time area, water radiant. Some past the high-resolution, through the dark green mulberry, stranded in the years suddenly woke up, and how much thought the dense the underprivileged, float into the fallen petal the feelings like, light smell a lingering fragrance.

Time, always so raced around, quiet quiet journey through the flow, not the end. But we are in for a between around, gradually grew, and matures, waiting for the old.

Years later, when we will open the eyes of the vicissitudes of life is full, whether can still see once we thought those familiar with the smiling face? When we reached out to the tired hands, whether can still hold evening have hand in hand together there?

Time went by, the story endlessly. Count time, depression years, lose a sentimental. One by one in the cloud of many years old to quietly, but not countenance. A series of sadness across sour heart arteries and veins, let the sadness of beautiful Sally out hidden fragrance will I corrosion.

All expectations, in nothing in a bone to gradually corrosion of pain, chilly sole was painful, but I was always learn can't do turn of the traveler, this, it failed.

The wind whispers, sentimental music, an echo of the moment with will still be touches my heart.

The real xiao suo is not a person lonely, but in the story of the silhouette lost in the nature, the loss of the self. Go not out is still recall. Still is sadness.

No one can go back to start, but rather in the fading in rough down by numerous times, also not the wish of the world for a lifetime...... quiet

Many times to retired indifference air and gas, but the heart worrying but let me panic over and over again, and then falls. I don't know in their heart I have more important, I know: those lovely relatives, friends, and far away, someone, all is the realization that I want to go to attentively treasure. But I'm more than once to harm them, touch them very tired! This, I am selfish.

Faint in time, can never a beautiful flower, never can't fathom out unspoiled life. Human speech acacia can heartbroken, JieWen jun know?

A few back to chi epilepsy, with tears in her eyes, smiling waved goodbye to flowers bloom in took in a hurry. In the world the most beautiful corner, in the wind and rain HanYin the prospect of from injury, carrying the helpless, quietly to the unknown displacement.

You can't have them again the class, your eyes in<a href=""></a> the acquisition reflected the movement with the wind while cloud. A season of another season time, BaiZhuanQianHui, still won't wash to this as thin as the lonely and sad bao ruchan ala. The so-called forget, which is free and easy. Excuse me, can't let go of the past bit and beautiful memories in this world but had to, each Ann there.

Silently watching, silently want to, so the loss of time, where is the end. Support the body still is a lonely keep, keep the dull ache lonely persistence.

I don't know why want to wait for, perhaps only waiting to wake up my numb nerve, only waited for can appeal to me forward steps, and only waiting to enrich my empty mind. Waiting for the dying evening, waiting for the wind clear month lang, maybe I'm just waiting for godot.

Mind is the fallen petal, lengxiang exhausted. The old face have obscure my view, when all of hope is frozen, the amorous wind was no longer elegant not vivid song, also can step in the lonely coast waves, quiet realize that fine lines between the gentle point of lonely SuiYing, mourning and a sound.

YanShui affectionately, broken willow and song, from shore to bloom in the peach blossom, the wind blows the shrine of a sweet, just like the old romantic in the beautiful makeup yan, swaying a painful past the drain, gorgeous the lake in March, with the memory of the blurred lake.

Countless open bonus, with the feelings of remembrance, [url ]href="][/url]quiet and beautiful in the door of my, YaJu on my side. More than just a strand of sad melody across fingertip, the surplus disconsolate, printed dismal.

Chance when flying across hate short, the dream YanYu song disappointed; Looking back the world of mortals FangFei do, a flower is heartbroken.

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